New Boston Farm

The Very Finest Instruction in the Art of Riding

Student Riding Program

The New Boston Farm lesson program is for the beginner to the competitive rider. Focus is with a strong emphasis on safety and correctness. Beginners will learn how to prepare the horse for  riding (lead, groom, and tack up). Riders at New Boston Farm are taught about horse psychology and physiology. These skills help develop a more aware and safe rider who is better able to keep horses comfortable and calm. 

Lessons are offered as private, semi-private and group. Beginners start in private lessons until sufficient control of the horse is achieved. Riders can then move to group lessons if they desire to do so. A wide range of school horses and ponies are available at New Boston Farm.

Lesson Costs

Private Hour (50 Mins)            $60
Private 1/2 Hour $45
Semi-Private Hour (50 Mins) $45
Group Lesson (3-5 Riders)   $35


Lesson Cancellation Policy
Lessons must be cancelled 24 hours in advance. Riders failing to meet the cancellation requirements will be billed for the lesson.

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